The Law Offices of J. Collin Beggs, Attorneys and Counselors

The Law Offices of J. Collin Beggs is a Dallas-based firm with what we like to call an “expanded family” practice, along with criminal defense, specializing in estate planning, probate, small business formation, family law, and criminal defense. We serve clients all throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and in all parts of Texas.

Responsible and Sensible Legal Assistance

We can help you before you start your family, creating premarital property agreements and other documents to protect you and your spouse as you take these first exciting steps together. We also can assist you with creative estate planning, creating wills, trusts, family partnerships and corporations, and other documents to protect you and your assets for your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Strong Legal Advocacy

When things can’t be fixed at home, our office helps you through the difficulties of divorce, child support, and property division, zealously representing you while taking your best interests and goals to heart. Additionally, we will help you redraw the estate plan to take into account the changes that life puts in your path.

And later, we help you review your estate plan, modify your documents, and help with elder law issues, government programs, and end-of-life planning.

Legal Protection of Your Rights

Finally, if there is a bump along the way, be it a speeding ticket or a much more serious allegation, we have years of criminal defense experience and can assist and represent you against the State, ensuring that your rights are protected to the utmost. We have experience with DWI, drug possession, all types of assault charges.

Service for Clients Throughout Texas

Our practice encompasses everything your family might face as you grow together. The Law Office of J. Collin Beggs puts experience and common sense in your corner, helping you take care of your family.

In addition, we have no problems coming to you to discuss your case – we pride ourselves on accessibility to our clients, and have handled will execution, initial client interviews at other locations more convenient to the client, and even after-hours appointments if need be.

We’re based in Dallas, but we have served clients throughout the state and are willing to serve the needs of any community, including Highland Park, Oak Cliff, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Preston Hollow, Ft. Worth, Irving, Richardson, Garland, Grapevine, Arlington, Las Colinas, and Colleyville. Moreover, if you live in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Waco, Midland, or El Paso, we can work with you.