Concealed Carry, or the Worst Place to Hide A Gun

In a new twist on being pumped full of hot lead, jailers in a North Carolina town were tipped off by a new arrestee to a .38 Special with a 6-inch barrel that he claimed had somehow made its way into his jail cell. While fearing, he said, that someone was trying to kill him, the arrestee told the jailers he’d found the gun under his bed and then threw it in the cell toilet.

The problem, it seems, was that the arrestee was the only man in the cell. And he had already been searched prior to being placed in the cell. And the cell had been tossed and proven clean before he’d been placed in it. And he had serious injuries to his rectum.

The rest of the story gets uncomfortable, as the man had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment for injuries that resulted from what the jailers believed was his choice of hiding place for the 10-inch long weapon.

I can only imagine he will have to sit a little lightly at defense table when he goes for his extradition hearing.

No word on where he stashed the bullets…