Kids in the Middle 2

Another Case of Children in the Middle – Criminal Style

A Florida woman was just last September sentenced to a year in jail on a felony charge of abusing her child, after she took a load of photos of her son in a series of dangerous situations. Her five-week-old boy, who was determined to not have been harmed by his mother’s antics, was placed in a toilet, between a mattress and box springs, and upside down in a trash can.

That’s right, a 5-week old placed on his head.

In a garbage can.

Why, you ask, would mama do these things to her child? She took the pictures and sent them to the child’s father, she told police, to “get a response” from the man, who had ended his relationship with her.

I practice family law in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and I’ve had everything you can imagine come through my office. Folks, if someone doesn’t want to be with you, don’t hurt your kids to get back at them. The kids didn’t ask to be in the situation, and they aren’t the ones that hurt you.

I caution each and every one of my family law clients that I will not be a party to any action where my client is attempting to use his or her child to punish the other parent. I won;t allow my clients to screw the kids up to gain an advantage or cause pain to the other parent.

If you need to take your anger out, go work out, join a gym, take up kickboxing, go do anything but hurt your children. They’re mostly defenseless, and the emotional pain you cause them by your actions is ten times worse than the physical, since it’s coming from the person they trust and love more than anyone else in the world – their parent.