Zombie Apocalypse

Texas Has a Zombie Apocalypse Happening. In Houston, Apparently.

Texas, along with a number of other, mostly conservative-leaning, states has enacted voter registration laws in the last couple of years which claim to eliminate the “rampant” problem of voter fraud in our election system. Or maybe just to make sure fewer people will vote Democrat. Whichever.

Part of the way to clean up the voting here in Texas is to “purge” the deceased from the rolls of each county’s voter lists, according to the current state administration. It seems that Texas counties don’t get on the ball quick enough with crossing off the recently dead for the Republican Secretary of State, Hope Andrade, and Andrade wants each county voting registrar to purge the names of possibly dead voters from their lists. She’s so serious, she had threatened to withhold state funding for elections from the counties that didn’t comply.

Not so fast, said a state judge in Austin. That just might violate the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. You see, Texas was one of several mostly-Southern states who are forced to jump through extra hoops to ensure that no extra-burdensome rule or regulation is put in place to discourage minority voters from the polls.

Summarized, that law was put in place because Texas, like Georgia, Alabama, and others, had decided its black citizens didn’t need to vote, (amendments to the United States Constitution to the contrary) so Texas passed a bunch of laws as prerequisites to vote, hoping to and effectively driving off minority voters. Most people know these as Jim Crow laws. Many different types of laws and regulations were used by different states, including “grandfather” clauses and literacy tests. Texas in particular liked to use poll taxes and white primaries.

Due to Texas’ historical attitude to minority voting rights, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 placed Texas on the list of states that don’t get to make voting regulation changes without “preclearance.”

So, fast forward to 2012, and the current presidential race. And numerous people were notified that they are, to their immense surprise, dead, according to the Texas Secretary of State. All physical signs to the contrary.