Kids in the Middle

There are many aspects of family law which I practice, from divorce to child support enforcement to adoption and everything in between. It is a stressful but often rewarding area of practice, and one which I usually enjoy.

It seems to me, though, more and more people are happy using their children as pawns and punishment against their spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend during and after the process of separation, and that type of, in my opinion, child abuse needs to stop. Continue reading

Concealed Carry, or the Worst Place to Hide A Gun

In a new twist on being pumped full of hot lead, jailers in a North Carolina town were tipped off by a new arrestee to a .38 Special with a 6-inch barrel that he claimed had somehow made its way into his jail cell. While fearing, he said, that someone was trying to kill him, the arrestee told the jailers he’d found the gun under his bed and then threw it in the cell toilet. Continue reading