Estate Planning

The Law Office of J. Collin Beggs provides guidance in every aspect of estate planning to individuals living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and beyond. Providing a secure future for yourself and your loved ones is your primary objective, and your plan should provide for distribution of your property in the way you see fit, allowing you to ensure your wishes are realized.

Remember, if you don’t have a Will, then the State of Texas gets to decide who gets what
after you depart this world. Don’t let the Texas Legislature decide where your property goes. The Legislature doesn’t know your business, or your loved ones, or what is best for either. You should make that decision.

Some specific services include:

  • Creation of simple or complex wills, trusts, and other planning documents
  • Creation of various financial and healthcare directives including living wills
  • Medical and general powers of attorney
  • Setting up guardianships or appointing guardians in case of future health and safety issues

As events in our lives take place, our financial, family, and health situations change. We recommend clients review their documents often; any major event, including a marriage, birth or adoption of a child, a death, or divorce can change your future outlook and the effectiveness of your estate planning documents.

Additionally, clients are encouraged to make clear, in a legal document, their wishes regarding medical treatments and financial affairs. In the tragic event that you are ever unable to communicate your desires, these directives are crucial to ensuring that your wishes are carried out by your loved ones and medical personnel. The Law Office of J. Collin Beggs can aid you in drafting directives that will guide your family and medical providers in making decisions that are in harmony with what you want.

Your estate is safe in your hands now; make sure it stays safe with your loved ones.

Call us at 214-432-1009 or email us to set up a consultation. We can assist you in protecting what’s yours.